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Certificate of Nanny (CN)

In today's busy world, trained professionals are in demand to provide quality education and care for young children, in either home or group care settings.

IACPT recognizes the need for quality childcare and early childhood education for families. The demand for top class nannies is rapidly growing both nationally and internationally and this is reflected in the range of employment options for members.

IACPT Certificate of Nanny Education program enables members to function competently as Professional Nanny Educators in child education and care, as well as family support. In particular, the program is designed to:

Promote child well-being within the family context
Enhance child and family health
Promote affection and acceptance of children and their families
Enhance and promote learning experiences
Recognize and support members as life-long learners.

As a Professional Nanny Educator, you can enter an exciting and challenging career. You can work with children and their families during periods of rapid change in their lives, developing sound child-centered and child-directed practice.

Possible jobs and career opportunities can include:

Private Nanny
Employment through a Nanny Agency
Home-based care
Overseas employment

The applicant will need to demonstrate suitability.
We will seek confirmation from applicants that they are not disqualified from providing childcare.

To email INFOIACPT@IACPT.ORG a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.

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