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Nail Technician Certificate (NTC)

Manicure and pedicure technicians must be certified in safety, hygiene, and professional techniques before entering the workplace. Manicures and pedicures are two fields that a nail technician can choose to specialize in. Nail Techs provide personal appearance services to clients, performing manicures, pedicures and related services with techniques they've learned through Cosmetology or related certificate and diploma programs. Careers related to Nail Technician include manicurist, pedicurist and nail art technician.

Performing nail treatments on client's hands and feet is the primary responsibility of a Nail Tech. A Nail Tech trims, shapes, files and polishes nails, as well as applies tips or wraps to nails, massages hands and feet, applies lotions and specialty treatments and airbrushes nail art. Some Nail Techs sell products used during nail services directly to clients, earning commission on each sale. Evening and weekend hours are common for Nail Techs, who usually work in salons or spas. Nail Techs generally work as an employee or an independent contractor renting space from the spa or salon owner. Self-employed Nail Techs handle salon management, hiring, inventory, marketing and bookkeeping.

Nail Techs study basic cosmetology skills, health and safety procedures, manicure and pedicure skills, nail and related skin treatments, state regulations and nail and skin afflictions that require referral to a physician, as well as general business skills. Nail Techs participate in continuing education opportunities to learn new developments in nail treatments and applications, like acrylic, gel or fiberglass nails, sculpting, airbrushing and nail art.
Nail Techs need good visual acuity for detail work. Nail technician professions require physical stamina because of sitting and standing and hours spent hunched over working on clients' hands and feet. Solid customer service and sales skills are essential, as the satisfaction of the client is the number one priority of Nail Technicians.

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