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Certified Financial Service Auditor (CFSA)

The Certified Financial Services Auditor is one of specialty certifications that measures an individual's knowledge of, and proficiency in, audit principles and practices within the banking, insurance, and securities financial services industries.

Preparing for and earning the CFSA designation will:

Distinguish you from your peers

Carry weight with internal staff and external clients

Demonstrate your proficiency and professionalism

Give you personal satisfaction of achievement

Lay a foundation for continued improvement and advancement

If you work in any of these industries, the CFSA program will benefit you:

Banking Institutions

Savings and Loan Organizations

Credit Unions

Insurance Carriers, Agents, Services

Security and Commodity Services

Real Estate Services

Holding and Investment Companies

Credit Agencies

Regulatory Agencies

Other Financial Service Organizations

CFSA candidates must have a degree or equivalent. A minimum of a three-year academic qualification with an accredited organization plus three years of general business experience may be substituted for a degree in the CFSA program. Candidates must submit a copy of their degree or transcripts with their registration form unless they have previously submitted it with their membership application. CFSA candidates are expected to display exemplary professional behavior and judgment and must agree to abide by the code of ethics established by the Institution.

To email INFOIACPT@IACPT.ORG a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.


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