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Make an impact in the lives of future leaders. 

The early registration cut-off for AACSB's Sustainability Conference taking place in Washington, D.C., USA on June 23–25, 2013 has been extended!

When you register by May 22, not only do you save 200 USD off the on-site registration fee, but you also reserve your spot to connect with a diverse group of sustainability experts and educators.

Take advantage of the following sessions at the conference for an in-depth exploration:

  • Cross Campus Collaborations in Sustainability
  • B-Schools and Partnerships in Communities
  • Introducing Sustainability into the Curriculum
  • Bending Paths by Developing Leaders
  • Research in Sustainability
  • Sustainability Metrics
  • Getting Buy-in from Your Institution and Faculty

View the agenda for a full list of sessions and speakers. 


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