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Value of Global Experience, Not Dead
The NAFSA Colloquium on Internationalizing Business Education was held last month during the NAFSA Annual Conference in San Diego, California—an event that AACSB International had attended for a number of years. As the name suggests, the Colloquium centers on the importance of implementing global and international experiences into business curriculum, and the value such activities present to the development of students', and business schools', global and cultural perspectives.
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Effective Practices—Would You Like to Know More About What Works at Different Schools?
Effective Practices survey data helps give a good picture of the processes and procedures that have been most helpful at AACSB member schools.
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Would You Walk 500 Miles (and 500 More) to Get What You Want?
When The Proclaimers released their one-hit-wonder, I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) in 1988, the world never expected the internet to be what it is today. Gone are the days of hardship in finding information.
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Mobile Strategy for Business Schools
Business schools understand the importance of mobile strategy in giving them the competitive edge in this ever technologized world. Especially in regions like the Middle East and Africa, where the mobile penetration rate is more than triple the Internet penetration rate (96% v. 29% in the Middle East and North Africa and 63% versus 16% in Sub-Saharan Africa), mobile is the de facto and most common platform to reach and educate students, faculty, and prospectives outside regular classroom hours.
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AACSB Asia Pacific Headquarters Turns Five!
Since opening its doors in 2009, the Asia Pacific Headquarters has celebrated many important and exciting milestones.
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Critical Success Factors for Leadership in Global Management Education and the Search for AACSB's Next CEO
In this episode of ENL, Jan Williams, dean emeritus of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville College of Business and Administration, chair of the AACSB CEO Selection Committee, and past AACSB Board of Director's chair join John Fernandes to discuss their views on effectively leading today's business school, as well as the attributes that AACSB's worldwide membership are asking for in their new CEO.
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Latest BizEd Articles

> Ready to Work
Several schools are integrating skill sets once reserved for MBA students into their undergraduate business courses.

> Business Research Goes Public
Business schools experiment with unconventional methods to get their faculty's best scholarship into the hands of laypeople and practitioners.

> Research Revolution
How research is selected, conducted, and accessed could all be heading for a change.

Latest Blog Article

> Signs of Changing Faculty Compositions?
Data and Research
Exploring and understanding faculty trends in business schools have been areas of interest for many years at AACSB.


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