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2014-2015 AACSB International Conference



Plan your professional development for 2014–2015.

AACSB has planned an exciting line-up of conferences for 2014–2015. If you have the fiscal opportunity this year, invest in your school—and your career—by registering for one of these events:   

Annual Accreditation Conference: Americas
September 21–23, 2014 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Europe Annual Conference
October 9–11, 2014 | Grenoble, FRANCE

Asia Pacific Annual Conference
October 20–22, 2014 | Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Latin America Annual Conference
November 3–4, 2014 | San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Associate Deans Conference: Optimizing Programs, Processes, and Stakeholder Relations 
November 9–11, 2014 | San Antonio, Texas, USA

Deans Conference*
February 8–10, 2015 | San Diego, California, USA

B-School Communications & Development Symposium
March 2–4, 2015 | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Assessment Conference
March 9–11, 2015 | Austin, Texas, USA

International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM 2015)
April 26–28, 2015 | Tampa, Florida, USA

The Curriculum Conference: Re(Invent+Think+Design) 
May 18–20, 2015 | St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific
May 24–26, 2015 | Shanghai, CHINA

Annual Accreditation Conference: Europe, Middle East & Africa 
May 31–June 2, 2015 | Istanbul, TURKEY

AACSB seminars are planned in conjunction with many conferences to maximize the value of your investment. Visit the event listing for a full schedule on conferences and seminars, and search for the event that suits your needs by location, date, or by subject matter. Check back for updates as additional seminars and other events are added.

*This event is exclusively for deans and heads of higher education business units (i.e., the highest academic authority or official of the entire business unit).

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