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March/April BizEd Digital Edition


Welcome New Members!



Jena Coffie
manager, member engagement
+1 813 769 6540

Deborah Gregory
coordinator, member engagement
+1 813 769 6533


This month's featured benefit:

AACSB compiles and maintains the most comprehensive database on business schools worldwide. As an AACSB member, you have access to over a decade's worth of b-school data using DataDirect.

Curious about the myths and misconceptions about DataDirect? Let's clear the air! Here's how you can start utilizing this popular member benefit right away:

1. There are additional costs related to the use of DataDirect for members.

FALSE: DataDirect is a free member benefit included in the cost of dues.

2. DataDirect is only helpful for member schools who have achieved AACSB Accreditation.

FALSE: DataDirect is not just for members of accredited institutions. All member schools have access and can find this data useful.

3. Only the official representative of at my school has access.

FALSE: The official representative at your school automatically has access to DataDirect but, they also control who else has access and to which reporting modules. Check out page 13 of the user guide to find out more.

4. It all seems very complicated.

FALSE: It's true that there is a lot of data housed in DataDirect, but the online platform has many features that make it very user-friendly. For instance, quick reports allows you to pull salary and collaborations data with two clicks of a mouse.

Not familiar with DataDirect? Don't have access yet? Check out this helpful guide including information about obtaining access (page 13). 

Each month, you’ll receive a note from us highlighting an existing AACSB member benefit designed to support your continuous improvement goals. Please share these messages with your faculty, staff, and administration as these benefits are available to your whole team.



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