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Join us for these 2014 events in the Asia Pacific region to learn about
AACSB Accreditation, Assurance of Learning, and Leadership.  

Bangalore, India

Bali, Indonesia


Guangzhou, China

Business Accreditation Seminar

17–18 February 2014

Assurance of Learning Seminar
19–20 February 2014

Business Accreditation Seminar

3–4 March 2014

Assurance of Learning Seminar
5–6 March 2014

Continuous Improvement Review Seminar
6 April 2014 

Asia Pacific Leadership Institute

6–7 April 2014

Business Accreditation Seminar

12–13 May 2014

Assurance of Learning Seminar
14–15 May 2014

Don't miss AACSB's largest and most anticipated event of the year–ICAM 2014. Register today for the International Conference and Annual Meeting on 7–9 April 2014 in Singapore. For a full listing of AACSB events visit: www.aacsb.edu/regionalevents

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