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Don't miss early savings for the Assessment Conference.

Get an in-depth look into the 2013 AACSB Accreditation Standards and the impact they will have on Assurance of Learning (AoL) as you prepare for your b-school's initial or maintenance of accreditation visit.

Join your colleagues at AACSB's Assessment Conference: Quality Through Effective Curricula Management for an in-depth view of the assurance of learning process and how it can benefit your school.

Register for the conference by February 3 and book your hotel room by February 10 to take advantage of early savings. 

This conference gathered more than 300 of your colleagues last year—and is set to take place March 17–19, 2014 inNew Orleans,Louisiana,USA.

If you're involved in faculty development, in charge of your school's assurance of learning programs, or working on obtaining or extending AACSB Accreditation—this event is for you.

Register now for the Assessment Conference!

Pre-Conference Events

Assessment Seminar
March 16–17, 2014
New Orleans,Louisiana,USA

Immerse yourself in the terminology, techniques and tactics to help you successfully navigate through assessment. Learn this critical "language" to the effective implementation and maintenance of an AoL program.

Applied Assessment Seminar

March 16–17, 2014
New Orleans,Louisiana,USA

Ideal for discussing the details of implementing a working, functional assessment program, this event uncovers potential issues in your plan, how to avoid them, and what peer review teams will look for in an effective assessment.

Separate registration fees required per event.

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