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eNEWSLINE Live: A Brand New Brand for Business Schools
Joan T.A. Gabel, Robert J. Trulaske Sr. dean of the Trulaske College of Business at theUniversityofMissourishares her experiences and lessons learned in creating the "MIZBIZ" brand, a complete school re-brand. She also discusses the opportunities re-branding presents for continuous improvement, generating revenue, and creating programs and curriculum that bring the greatest benefit to the primary customer—the student.
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What's YourMission?
Every school has their own mission and focus when it comes to providing the best possible education for their students, environment for their faculty, and meeting the goals of their stakeholders. As part of AACSB International's annual Business School Questionnaire (BSQ), schools report their general and scholarly orientations based on priorities and emphases.
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AACSB Introduces Event App for Conferences
We are proud to announce the launch of AACSB's event app—designed to provide additional value to participants attending conferences. Say "hello" to having the conference learning journal in your pocket. Through this app, you can view all session and speaker information, exhibitors, sponsors, and get easy-to-access links directly to the AACSB Exchange. Visit the Apple or Android App Store and download the "AACSB Events" app for free!
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Latest BizEd Article
> Idea Central
Today's entrepreneurship centers do more than support startups. They work with departments across the entire campus to produce not just entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurial thinkers equipped to bring their best ideas to life.

The W. P. Carey School of Business, among the largest business schools in theUnited States, opened a new building this past summer. The 129,000-square-foot McCord Hall joins two other existing buildings at theW.P.CareySchoolatArizonaStateUniversity. The new building will be home to the school's graduate and executive-education programs.
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Association News
> Five Schools Earn AACSB International Accreditation in Business

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