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These opportunities will be gone before you know it. 

With less than two weeks left for the Curriculum Development Series Seminars in Singapore, now is the time to register! Join your colleagues from more than 15 business schools across 11 countries to enhance your teaching skills and further develop your b-school curriculum.

Take this opportunity to learn from schools across three continents and build lasting collaborations with other attendees. Participate in these seminars 18–21 November 2013 at the Singapore Marriott Hotel and save up to 200 USD per seminar you attend*.

Begin the transformation of your curriculum. Use these opportunities to provide a unique curriculum that prepares the next generation of leaders and elevates the status of your school.

Curriculum Development for Responsible Leadership
18 November 2013

Curriculum Development for Communication Skills
19 November 2013

Curriculum Development for Design Thinking for Creativity and Innovation
20–21 November 2013

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