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See who's attending theSingaporeCurriculum Development Series!

Now is the perfect time to visitSingapore! Enhance your teaching skills and further develop your b-school curriculum as you join representatives from over 10 countries and more than 15 institutions. Join us 18–21 November 2013 at the Singapore Marriott Hotel and save up to 200 USD per seminar you attend.

Curriculum Development for Responsible Leadership
18 November 2013

Successfully design and implement a leadership development program that leverages your schools' unique capabilities and resources. Explore ways to cultivate responsible graduates and discuss various pedagogies for delivering a responsible leadership curriculum.

Curriculum Development for Communication Skills
19 November 2013

Learn the steps necessary for launching a foundational communications course at your business school. This seminar focuses on establishing cross-references between the communication course and required courses of the business curriculum, while covering required teaching goals, course structure, materials, pedagogy, and assessment methods.

Curriculum Development for Design Thinking for Creativity and Innovation
20–21 November 2013
Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, this seminar demonstrates the power of design in solving today's complex management problems. Learn how to teach design in the context of business issues where organizations need to respond in creative, innovative, or transformational ways.

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