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Download your Exclusive Copy of AACSB's Business Doctoral Education Report.


After over a year of research and study on business doctoral education worldwide, the AACSB International Doctoral Education Task Force is proud to release its final report, The Promise of Business Doctoral Education: Setting the pace for innovation, sustainability, relevance, and quality. 

Chaired by Robert T. Sumichrast, dean of the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the task force sheds light on a business doctoral education landscape characterized by great diversity, as well as numerous opportunities for innovation driven by needs related to purpose, capacity, access, and quality. 

Download your exclusive copy today


The task force report:

  • Explores how business doctoral education can and should support individuals pursuing a range of professional paths within and beyond academia, as well as create new career pathways between business and academic sectors;
  • Calls for innovations that expand access to doctoral education among currently underserved populations and enhance the ability of schools to use scarce and valuable resources more effectively;

  • Recognizes business schools and industry as critical partners in the development of doctoral level talent and the creation of research with relevance to practicing managers;

  • Stresses that doctoral programs should be characterized by rigor, providing suggestions for ensuring high quality program mission, content, design, and learning outcomes.

Visit us online to learn more about the report and the Doctoral Education Task Force.

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